Time Optimization Calculator for Investment Teams

Managing Time and Resources in Alternative Investment Reporting

As an investment operations professional, you’re required to switch gears constantly and ensure that all the data maintained is always accurate, error-free, and delivered on-time. It’s an environment ripe for errors, but there is no room for error.

How Much Time is Your Firm Spending Managing Alternative Investment Workflows?

For decades, firms have built teams to manage the documents and data associated with alternative investments. How much does this really cost?

Through conversations with hundreds of allocators and alternative investors, Canoe has built a first-of-its-kind calculator to estimate the true costs associated with these traditionally manual processes, including document ingestion, categorization, extraction, validation and delivery. Use the sliders below to quantify your firm’s efforts.

Number of reporting documents monthly


Hourly rate of individuals managing alternative investment reports*


*This includes document ingestion from multiple sources, categorization and document naming and storing, extraction of relevant data points, validation of data points extracted, and delivery of relevant data points to the proper reporting, accounting and other systems.

With Canoe, there is a better, more efficient way. Save time and resources, reduce latency and errors, and improve your team’s productivity.

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