document management ai

Unlock Your Data

Firms are inundated with data from thousands of investments, all delivered disparately and in unstructured formats. Canoe empowers clients to regain control and unlock an operational edge.

Canoe is designed to deliver lightning-fast, cost-effective, and accurate data. Canoe allows firms to eliminate errors and reduce latency associated with manual data entry.

Intelligent Document Management Center

Seamlessly ingest, organize, and categorize investment documents

Use an intuitive dashboard to identify and filter late and missing documents

Stay on top of all your investment documents with proactive email alerts

Canoe organizes and processes:

  • Capital Account Statements
  • Capital Call Notices
  • Distribution Notices
  • K-1's
  • Subscription Documents
  • Performance Emails
  • Fact Sheets
  • Investor Letters

Streamlined Data Extraction Engine

Tech & Security

Data security and innovation is a part of Canoe's DNA. Canoe is built with best-in-class protocols to deliver an optimal and secure experience to you, the clients.